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Three Steps to Organizing the Perfect Flowerbed

Nature doesn’t grow in perfect lines or perfect pairs, so why should your flowerbeds. The next time you design a flowerbed follow these simply steps to put the wow in your yard!

1. Plant in odd numbers: Always choose plants in odd numbers. Whether you plant 3, 5 or 7 or more, odd number arrangements look better.

2. Nature doesn’t grow in straight lines: Flowerbeds can soften a home’s square architectural design. Consider outlining your next flower bed with a bendable garden hose to achieve curved edges.  When planting groupings of plants, avoid the “straight line” look by arranging the plants in a triangular shape to build blocks of color.

3. Plant in 3 tiers: Always plan your flowerbed first! The biggest mistake that one can make is filling your bed with no plan. Start your plan with foundation plants. These are your largest plants or anchors for your bed. Then you can fill in with plants to add color. Finally, consider border plants to act as your final and third tier or plantings for your bed.